How often can you say that a “protein shake” actually tastes good? For real?! I can honestly say that this stuff tastes really very good and it’s freakishly good for you. You HAVE to watch the video below so Tony Horton, yes THE Tony Horton, can explain to you all of the amazing things in this one shake (and it's funny too!).

Also, you should know, my mother went from (bad) cholesterol in the “high” range down to the “normal” range within 2 months (she also lost 60 pounds, so far over the last year). The only thing she changed?…she drank a chocolate Shakeology® shake every day. Not ONE other change!!! Seriously! I’m so proud of her!!

Our non-Vegan flavors are:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, and Cafe Latte!

For my Vegan friends, we have Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate!