Friday, November 11, 2011

My newest app

I'm so stupidly excited!  I just downloaded a new app for P90X and it's so cool, like for real so cool!  Since I'm starting a new program for it -tomorrow- this is going to be super-handy.  I haven't been this excited for working out in a LONG time.  I mean, I enjoy working out and everything, but I literally can't wait to workout tomorrow - LOL!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's time - let's get started!

I know the holidays are upon us - but aren't you ready to do this?  I don't plan on putting on weight this holiday season and hopefully you don't plan it either (why start out the year on a bad foot?).  So, let's do the BeachBody challenge!  Here's a video about it:  
So, if you're ready to join me:
1. Go to this link 
2. Scroll down and click TAKE THE CHALLENGE!
3. You will fill out the Beachbody Challenge Pledge and be all signed up for the BIG BEACHBODY CHALLENGE
4. THEN you will be able to choose your Challenge Pack!!!