Sunday, August 5, 2012


Background...My husband and I have been doing P90X and we are in Phase 3 right now.  We do the pull ups and chin ups using the Chin-Up Max (it's a band that you use to help you) since there are so many in the routines.
Also, I've never done a chin up in my life (without assistance)...ever!
So, the other day, my husband did one and I was like - did you just use the "Chin-Up Max"?  And he responded with "no".  So, then I had to try one.  Lo and behold, I did one!  I started jumping up and down all excited!!!  I had to try it again - I did it again!!!  And then I did it again!!!  I did three in one day when I had never even done one.  I'm so thrilled!  I can't wait until I can do more.  I kind of want to go back to all of my old PE teachers and show them that I actually can do something.  :-P  The 39 year old version of me is way different than the 9 year old version - LOL!!!